Mold Inspection Services by Certified Boca Raton Mold Inspectors

Mold Assessment and Inspection Services:

We are trained and Florida Certified Mold Assessors and will inspect and test your home or commercial property for the presence of mold. RCI inspectors and protocol use equipment, knowledge and experience to gather information and analyze samples. We understand and integrate the relationship between mold and construction. RCI alliance with AEML lab provides certified laboratory analysis with a quick turnaround time. Most mold reports are generated within 2 business days.

Thermal Imaging:

Thermal imaging cameras have quickly become the “must have tool” for IAQ Professionals. Not only is this sophisticated technology is used in every RCI Home and Mold Inspections, it is also used in every post-remediation verification survey to ensure that building materials have been thoroughly dried out before any reconstruction work begins. If construction materials are not completely dry, mold growth will reoccur. Infrared technology eliminates the guesswork and provides quick visual assessment of the thoroughness of dry out job.

Infrared inspection is a fast, non-invasive method to discover moisture intrusion within the building envelope. Infrared inspection does not directly detect the presence of mold, rather it may be used to find moisture where mold may develop. The limitations to obtaining accurate infrared images pertain to the ability of the surface being scanned to emit heat energy. Gypsum (dry wall) in interior walls emits quite well, whereas highly reflective surfaces do not. Since the temperature difference between the wet and the dry wall are very slight, a sensitive infrared camera must be used.